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Code of Conduct

We Request those who consider college going just as routine formality or source of time pass, or just complementary activity then this is not the right place for them.


The principal of the institute reserves the right to remove from the rolls the name of any student or punish otherwise for :-

  • Failure to pay college or hostel fee in time.
  • Failure to come up to the prescribe standard.
  • Misconduct or Misbehavior.
  • Participation in any political/antisocial activities.
  • Being involved or having been involved in the past a criminal case of moral turpitude.
  • Consuming or found in possession of narcotic drugs/liquar.
  • Indulging any activity derogatory to the institute.

Restrictions and Expulsiony

  • A student will be immediately rusticated by the principal, if in this opinion; the student behaves in a manner subversive of discipline or commits grave misconduct.
  • The use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the college premises by the students.
  • It is mandatory for the students to go through the notice board regularly.


Leave other than vacation will not be ordinarily granted to the student during the college session. Any kind of leave is admissible only with the prior written permission of the principal. Admission rules are subject to alteration/ modification at any time without notice to the candidate and with the approval of government of Chhattisgarh. Students are required to attend not less than 75% lectures in each with subject.

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