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Abhishek Mishra's Desk

People walk in and walk out of life but the one whose footstep made a long lasting impression is the one we should never allow to walk out.

SSSSMV commitment to uncompromising academic standards drives our philosophy to produce graduates who can make a difference in their chosen career. With an experience in the field of education of more than 10 years, SSSSMV offers multi dimensional learning experience. It not only includes practical and academic learning, but also grooming of individuals as professionals.

When you join SSSSMV, it will invest time in you! It will give you all the support and encouragement the student need to achieve the success they deserve and to create the future they want for their self. Treats SSSSMV treats students with respect, take their views seriously and encourage them to be creative professional and contribute to the wider community. Of course, this will be a partnership and student will put just as much back into Swami Shri Swaroopaand Saraswati Mahavidyalaya as they excel in their time here. SSSSMV encourages them to explore all the techno-savy features of the institute..

College fraternity will always preserve the memory of his virtues and wises in the hearts.

The words of evolutionary aspiration from Our Vice President Late Mr. Abhishek Mishra Shri Shankaracharya Group of Institutions

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